Chanticleer Pear

02/03/2013 | Ken Lain, mountain gardener Trees, Uncategorized

Chanticleer PearLatin Name: Pyrus calleryana ‘Capital’

Common Name: Capital Pear

Description:  An ornamental pear tree also called the “Select” or “Cleveland Select” ornamental pear. It is oval in shape and widest where the branches begin. The branches taper into a point near the top of the tree. It is smaller than other ornamental pear species, and fits easily in medium and large yards or gardens.

The Chanticleer pear blooms in late April or early May, covering the tree in dense, white flower clusters contrasting with its reddish-brown bark.  During the summer, the tree is covered with glossy, deep green leaves. The color transitions to a golden-red or purple-red color during the fall. In the winter, the Chanticleer pear sheds its leaves, exposing thick, sturdy branches.

Size: Ht 35′ x 12′

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  1. What sizes will the trees come in? How fast does it grow? I have a small backyard.

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