Mountain Heath

This impressive bloomer is covered with flowers right now. Animal resistive with and fragrance all pollinators adore. This knee-high evergreen is super easy to care for in the ground or containers. You’re going to love your yard again.

How to Grow Winter Heath

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Fanciful Forsythia

This gorgeous shrub explodes with masses of solar yellow flowers followed by shiny green leaves. Every home should have one for sheer beauty, fall color, and gentle natural care.

How to Grow Forsythia

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These Plants are the Perfect March Companions

Prescott Redbud

At just 16′ feet tall, this local native is super easy to grow. Vibrant, red flowers cloak the branches of early spring. Lucious heart-shaped leaves emerge with a soft pink tinge that matures to a vibrant green.

How to Grow Redbud Trees

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Watters Rosemary Creeper

A local favorite for rock gardens, groundcover, or spilling over retaining walls, not all local rosemary is created equal. This one lives where others die, and knowing you can also use it in the kitchen is sheer bliss.

How to Grow Rosemary


Prescott Pansy

A bright plant with a large footprint. These Prescott Pansies are the toughest little bloomers in town. Cheery colors brighten even the dreariest garden.

How to Grow Pansy

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