The Daily Courier Kills Garden Guy

04/26/2014 | Ken Lain, mountain gardener Press Release

Ken KilledSources close to matters have confirmed the Daily Courier has killed the mountain gardeners weekly column after decades of local advice. Many of the columnist have been pressured to change where content is published and by who. Ken Lain, “I had a face-to-face meeting with the owner/manager of the newspaper. They insist their columnist only write for the Daily Courier and no one else. No writing for other magazines, journal, newsletters, online paper, or website could receive written content from their writer. To add insult to injury, the weekly garden column would be cut to only run 1-2 bits of garden advice per month as they decided . . . no guarantees. I was forced to decline their offer.”

Weekly garden advice will be published through with features by Ken Lain, YouTube interviews, Podcast of, ‘The Mountain Gardener’ radio show, with even more all local tips, tricks and techniques for the garden.

“Social media has been HUGE in this effort.” There is more to come on this story, but talks are still in their preliminary stages with local garden reporters, other news agencies and radio groups. Since the column was cut on April 13th over 423 subscribers have ask for garden advice through, with another 375 fans added to the Watters Facebook page. Ken, “A realistic goal for this free subscription base is 10,000 new gardeners, with 5000+ fans of our Facebook page by the end of May. With that many garden readers we could have more subscribers than the local newspaper.”

“It’s nice to know you have friends behind you when times get hard. I have to thank my fans for a meaningful letter writing campaign.” Ken, “Hundreds-upon-hundred of readers sent emails or called the editorial staff at the Courier asking for the continuation of the garden column, to no avail. Thank you for a gallant effort.”

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  1. The Daily Courier did what???? Sorry to hear about this in this way Ken. Shine the light through a different doorway.

  2. Unbelievable, but here we are in Prescott…there just doesn’t seem to be much of a reason except for maybe publishing some other garden center/s. I hope the efforts to keep Ken alive and well in the Courier isn’t over! As a Master Gardener and avid fan…I’m not finished!

  3. People want to read about community interests-i.e. Ken Lain The Garden Guy. I buy our subscription by the year to The Prescott Courier–but it’s not all about PRESCOTT!
    Shame on The Courier. I shall remember this when my renewal comes up again.

  4. Having your articles in the DC was doing them a favor. They’ve only done you a big one by “forcing” (ha) all of us to see you online, or, better, in person! I’d say forget the rag, but I’m too late. Everyone I know already has. Only now, I’m no longer going to e-read the e-Courier, either!! Thanks, Ken for being our always dependable Mountain Gardener. We’ll follow you no matter where you go!!!

  5. Very sad not to be able to read Ken Lain’s Gsrden column in the Daily Courier. Why would the Courier decide to omit such a popular feature?! Hope it will come back. Prescott needs a gardening column that addresses the issues of planting in our locality. Please bring it back!!

  6. Your being cut from the Courier should be considered a compliment. I cancelled a few years ago, because I could no longer stand the incredibly poor quality of the paper. They write about events only AFTER they happen (I would have attended if I known), and many news articles don’t contain the basics of journalism – who, what, when, where and why.

  7. Prescott is a unique climate to garden in. The weather is unlike any other locale and we need a person like Ken Lain that lives in our community to explain when and what to do to succeed in our gardening adventures. I am a Arizona Certified Nursery Professional with 49 years experience in all phases of the nursery business and enjoyed Ken’s weekly articles to keep me up to date on the latest trends and new plants for our environment. A syndicated article from back east does little to explain when and how to garden in the Tri City area. Sorry to see your column leave us. The Daily Courier has made a drastic mistake and dis- service to our community.

  8. I didn’t get this post for some reason. Only found it because I was searching for an answer to the Chronicle problem. I am so very disappointed in that paper. Actually I should say, more disappointed than usual. Their loss, for sure.

  9. Very bad decision by the powers-that-be at the Courier. We don’t read the local paper for national and international news, but to keep appraised of local events and generally, what is going on around “Everyone’s Home Town”. Your column was wonderful and we have always looked forward to reading it to find out what we are supposed to be doing in the garden and in the yard at different times of the year. We never had to make notes on the calendar or remember from year to year what to do and when because there was your column. We could always count on your great tips and information in the paper, ahead of when we needed it. Good on you Ken, for having a great website and thank you so much for the emails and live links. Everything looks much prettier in full color on your site than in the Courier anyway! Keep up the good work.

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