Fruit and Vegetable Food

08/28/2019 | Ken Davis Fertilizer, Garden Tools & Supplies, Products

  • Organic
  • With added Calcium for bigger, brighter, BETTER fruit and veggies
  • Contains Nitrogen – Phosphate – Potash & Calcium
  • This organic recipe improves the flavor and size of Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs & All Flowering Plants
  • Far safer for your family, pets, and birds while kinder on the environment than chemical fertilizers
  • Easy to Use

2 Replies to “Fruit and Vegetable Food”

  1. I am so happy I found Water’s garden center! I just moved here from Illinois a little over a year ago. And I am in avid gardener. I knew Arizona soil was going to be a lot different. So learning is a lot of fun with Watters

    1. Thank you. We love introducing people who are new to the area to gardening in our mountain landscape.

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