How to Control Spider Mites in the Garden

01/06/2013 | Ken Davis Bugs & Disease, In the Garden, Uncategorized


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  1. Hello! We live in the Sierra Nevadas of California and have been devasted by the Pine Bark Beetle. We are trying to plant native species. We are looking for White Fir but are having a very difficult time finding nurseries who carry native species for our area. Do you carry these trees and if not, do you know where we can purchase. Thank you. Neal and Chandra Reynolds

    1. Yes, it is a problem here as well. Sadly we do not ship plants and trees. Monrovia has a feature on their website that allows you to order plants online and have them shipped to a garden center near you. So you might check their website for a feature we call shop the farm if you have a garden center that sells Monrovia products.

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