Quaking Aspen in fall colors

10/29/2013 | Ken Lain, mountain gardener Tips, Trees, Uncategorized

30 second plant tip of the day – Quaking Aspen in fall colors


The Quaking Aspen is a fast-growing tree with outstanding fall color. Plant a row of them along your driveway or just one as a focal point in your front yard.

Your Quaking Aspen has many attractive features, but one of the most endearing is what gives it its name. The Aspen’s ability to “quake” has been admired and memorialized by writers and poets for generations.

Imagine sitting beneath your Aspen on a summer day with the slightest of warm breezes ruffling your hair. Hear the soft rustle of the heart-shaped leaves above you. Look up to see the deep green leaves sparkle in the mottled sunlight as they twist and turn on the flat leaf stalks that catch the drifting air.

Few experiences capture the magic of nature so well as a Quaking Aspen dancing on a summer breeze.

Quaking Aspens grow 20-50 feet tall with a narrow, rounded crown. You’ll love their unique bark that is very light in color and turns a chalky white as it ages. In the fall, your Aspen will turn to shades of zestful yellow and orange, brightening your fall landscape as winter approaches.

The Quaking Aspen is one of the most widely distributed trees in North America. It’s tolerant of many soil types, and doesn’t require a lot of special care. Pioneers and American Indians used Aspen bark for various medicinal purposes and wildlife love them.

Overall, the Quaking Aspen is a lovely landscape tree with uniquely endearing features. The quaking leaves and the golden fall colors will brighten any landscape!

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    1. Not exactly sure what type of tree or shrub you have in mind for planting. Two considerations is the heights and width of the plant. In particular any tree should be far enough away from the foundation to avoid the branches scraping the side or roof of the house. With larger trees roots are also a consideration.

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