Recipes for preparing Prickly Pear Cactus Pads

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Prickly Pear Creole

2 cups of diced cactus – remove spine with a knife firstCactus prickly pear pads cooked
1 pound of hamburger (cooked and drained)
6 ounces of tomato paste
1 cup of water
2 diced Jalapeño pepper
6 1/2 ounces of canned shrimp (drained)
salt and pepper to taste

Mix all ingredients in a pan and cook them over medium heat for about 20 minutes.  Stir frequently until the cactus pads turn a deep green. Serve hot over noodles, rice, potatoes, or a folded tortilla.

Cactus Over Fish  

1/2 cup of cooking oil
1 clove of garlic (chopped)
1 teaspoon chili powder
1 cup flour
1 pound of filleted fish
1 cup of diced and boiled cactus
 – remove spine with a knife first
1/2 cup of water (from the boiled cactus)
1 boiled egg, sliced
2 teaspoons of lemon juice
salt to taste

Heat the oil in a frying pan, saute the garlic until light brown and remove the garlic pieces with a slotted spoon. Combine chili powder and flour in a bowl and roll the fish in the mixture. Fry the coated fillets until they’re golden brown.  Add water (be careful to prevent spattering—pour in just a bit at a time) and reduce heat.  Continue to cook fish until it flakes easily.  Remove from the pan and serve it smothered in cactus and topped with sliced egg, lemon juice and salt. . . yum.