Mountain Lavenders Explained and Simplified

07/09/2020 Ken Davis

by Ken Lain, the mountain gardener On the Go Answer – Readers Digest-type Condensed Version of this Article 17 types of Lavender grow locally: English, French, Spanish, sweet, fernleaf, and lavandin. Lavender grows best in the hot sun and well-drained…

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Five Water-wise Flowers You Can’t Kill

08/10/2017 Ken Davis

by Lisa Watters-Lain, Arizona’s garden gal Your yard doesn’t have to look like the Sahara Desert  in order to have a low-maintenance and water- wise landscape. You can have a summer garden that is full of beautiful, colorfully flowering plants…

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40 Waterwise Plants and Natives by Flower Color

04/30/2016 Ken Davis

by Ken Lain, the mountain gardener We’ve all seen  dreary, low-water landscapes. Though well-intentioned, the only color is gray to gray-green, with plants that look brittle and bone-dry. But water-wise gardens can be vibrant, colorful, and yes, even lush-looking. Although…

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Top 10 Indestructible Plants, Go Ahead . . . I Dare You!

06/05/2015 Ken Davis

by Ken Lain, the mountain gardener Every garden needs a few plants that can handle whatever abuse we throw their way. That’s not to say we should be needlessly tough on them, but let’s face it, there are places in…

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