Timeless Beauty Desert Willow

05/31/2014 | Ken Lain, mountain gardener Natives, Plant of the Week, Shrubs, Trees

Desert Willow timeless beautyLarge, fragrant, burgundy and lavender flowers appear in big bold clusters all summer long.  This unique Watters selection is prized for its long bloom time, without setting the usual seed pods. The flowers are highly attractive to hummingbird and 100% Arizona native. Get this short tree started and it naturalizes easily to match the rest of your native landscape.

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  1. I live nearby on Oaklawn Dr (one block west of Willow Creek Rd and Rosser St). I am looking to plant 2 willow trees and understand there exist two types. Could you let me know the details (i.e. best time to plant, growth per year, difference between the 2 types of willow, do you charge to plant in the ground, how much, etc.).My 2 yards (front & back) comprise of 1/3 acre, the house sits a little towards the front , is 49’x24′ (no garage) and built in 1951. Are there any problems I am not taking into consideration? Thank you for your time. Barbara

    1. Since you live so close it’s best to stop in the nursery an see first hand the differences, both are in stock. Desert willow is an Arizona native, weeping willow is a high water user used at the edge of ponds and water features, globe willows are huge shade trees that grow fast, but die quick. Visit Watters for the hands on differences. Ken

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