Top 10 Spring Cleaning Every Garden Needs

02/21/2023 Ken Davis

By Ken Lain, the mountain gardener Serious gardeners are in the garden on the first warm day of spring. While there is no harm in cleaning up fallen branches and debris, wait until the soil is no longer wet enough…

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The Most Beautiful Mountain Flowers in the Garden

05/12/2022 Ken Davis

by Ken Lain, the mountain gardener What is the most popular garden flower? Beautiful backyard flower gardens. What are the top 10 flowers? Beautiful flower garden pictures. What is the most beautiful exotic flower? Some flowers capture the imagination like…

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Fast Vegetables for Impatient Gardeners

04/06/2022 Ken Davis

by Ken Lain, the mountain gardener Impatient gardeners want vegetables that grow fast! Discouragement sets in while waiting for the tomato and pepper harvest. Supplement with these fast-growing vegetables, and you will be picking fresh vegetables in just a few…

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Growing More Flowers in the Garden this Spring

03/10/2022 Ken Davis

by Ken Lain, the mountain gardener There are lots of annuals grown for their foliage, like coleuses and caladiums. Blooming plants remain the most popular annuals. That’s because annual plants repeatedly bloom, giving undemanding joyous color throughout our warm months.…

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Help us Celebrate 60 Years of Spring

03/07/2022 Ken Davis

Meet the growers that produce Watters plants as they travel directly from the farm to share their insider tips and tricks of the trade.  This year’s newest fruit trees, roses, flower baskets, with unusual perennial colors are unveiled for the…

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9 Garden Tasks for Better Gardens this Spring

02/24/2022 Ken Davis

By Ken Lain, The Mountain Gardener Spring weather signals the start of specific gardening tasks essential to maintaining a vital, healthy garden. I’m a list type of gardener, and the following is my springtime procedural list in order of personal…

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Best Landscape Trees by All Four Seasons

08/25/2021 Ken Davis

by Ken Lain, the mountain gardener What are the best trees for landscaping? Popular ornamental trees. What types of trees grow all year round? Best trees for backyard. What are the best trees to plant in a small front yard?…

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Watters Garden Center 59th Spring Open House Extended

03/19/2021 Ken Davis

The Garden Center is chocked full of blooming flowers and just arrived trees and shrubs to kick off the Spring Gardening Season.Mother Nature decided to give us a snowstorm last weekend so we have decided to extend the Open House…

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Ken Lain Explains Roses

03/18/2021 Ken Davis

There are Different Types of Roses, Ken explains the difference and how to decide which one is for you.

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Reading a Seed Packet for Better Plants this Spring

03/12/2021 Ken Davis

How to buy seed for the garden. How to read flower, herb, and vegetable packets inside and out. How to plant Sweet Peas from seed. by Ken Lain, the mountain gardener There is a lot of information on a seed…

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